How doing the Right Thing can lead to a Good Thing! -Sustainable Cert

Certified sustainable companies enjoy lower costs; higher brand image, sales, revenues, profits and valuation; and improved employee performance, health and happiness.


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As a SME (small to mid-size enterprise) business leader, ​you’d certainly like these things; but you are working within a SME budget. ​You’d also love to be a voice in your community and show your corporate responsibility by supporting environmental sustainability; but, given your SME budget, you never felt this was attainable. However, the market is demanding companies become certified sustainable, and rewarding them for it. Becoming certified is not only affordable and synergistic with your goals and budget, but your growth can be accelerated by it.

Your company can enjoy improved brand image, performance, sales, profit, and valuation; while also supporting your community and the environment via the Edenark Group ISO 14001 sustainability certification program.  This is the world’s premier sustainability standard, in +170 countries.  We are published by the United Nations.  We offer you the best business sustainability certification program, with revenue-enhancement and employee-enhancement benefits, at a price designed for SMEs.


For organizations that care about the environment and future generations…

….and want to be part of a globally-respected solution

….and lead by example

….and be a voice

….and enhance their brand

….and benefit from reduced costs

….and differentiate from competitors; positively impacting revenues

….and help employees be happier, healthier and more productive




David Goodman, CEO

David Goodman created and leads Edenark Group.  David believes that integrating People, Planet, Promotion and Profit, as a combination, is the only way to maximize a business’ performance and long term value.

David holds a MBA in Finance, Marketing and International Business from Indiana University. He has served as Chairman, Director or CEO of multiple private and public companies.  He started his career in the advertising and marketing industries, serving companies like Kraft, Heinz, Keebler, Kimberly Clark, Salada Tea, Pillsbury and Green Giant.

Edenark Group uniquely delivers the world’s premier sustainability certification program, the Edenark Group ISO 14001; providing corporate differentiation and enhancement, improved brand image, sales/revenue/valuation gains, cost reduction, employee wellness/performance enhancement, and overall client organizational improvement.




Louis Clovis
Green Project Manager

Louis has been in the business for the past 35 years, serving as Sales Director, MD and CEO with a demonstrated history in the Broadcast Sales, Media Production & Events industry. He founded the TV Channel in Sustainability called ESG TV (Environment Social Governance TV) – creating a platform for all NGOs and stakeholders to voice their sustainability concerns world-wide.


He also founded the ReGenAsia Conferences & Workshops and recently became certified Green Project Manager practising the P5 methods in Sustainability.



Tim Worthington
CEO -Zureli Green
Zureli Green Directory

Tim has spent 30 years working across the USA, Europe and Asia and now is the CEO of Zureli one of the world’s largest databases for sustainable products and services.

Zureli offers a free listing for companies that are helping to address climate change as well as several other services that promote their adoption working with both buyers and suppliers of green solutions.






  • 88% of consumers (B2C/B2B) want you to be certified sustainable
  • 71% of consumers will move their business to a certified sustainable company
  • This translates to +$2 Trillion in low hanging fruit
  • +80% of consumers disbelieve a company that self-certifies
  • +80% of consumers believe a company that is certified via a globally-recognized standard




…are growing 7.1x faster than their non-certified peers

…deliver a +67% premium to investors versus non-certified peers

…generate +10% sales growth versus non-certified peers

…enjoy +24% Net Income…

…enjoy +11% EBITDA premiums…

…and 4.8% annual stock premiums versus non-certified peers


Should your company be considering sustainability certification?

  • If so, what should you want from a sustainability certification program?

  • Is it a passing fad or a long-term global requirement?

  • Is it a “feel good” project, a “profit-driving” project, or both?

  • Will it be hard for your organization to implement?

  • How long will it take to start seeing promotional value?

  • What are the odds of seeing operating cost/carbon savings?

  • Will it have a positive impact on your brand?

  • Will it give you a competitive advantage?

  • Will it have a positive impact on your cost of capital (debt and/or equity)?

  • Is it likely to show a positive ROI?

  • Does it give you a new, impactful, talking point for your sales and marketing effort?

  • Will the program introduce you to sustainability-seeking prospective customers?

  • Will it have a positive impact on your staff?

  • Will your investors and lenders like it?


Come attend this online forum about sustainable certification

26 January 2021 |  5.00-6.00 pm ( Malaysian Time)





January 18, 2021