Renewables cover more than 100 per cent of German power demand on May Day

Germany’s renewables sector produced more than 100 per cent of the nation’s electricity demand yesterday, pushing wholesale power prices into negative, the latest government data shows.

The surge in clean energy generation on May Day in Germany produced around 50GWh of renewable power, including around 27GWh from wind energy and 20GWh from solar, according to the federal government’s live energy market data.

The achievement was partly a result of favourable weather conditions and lower demand due to May Day being a public holiday in Germany.

Fossil fuel generation, meanwhile, dropped below 1.5GW of generation, pushing wholesale electricity market prices down to almost -€36/MWh, with the surplus power exported to neighbouring countries.

As a result, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Switzerland also enjoyed negative power prices yesterday, according to analysts.

It is not the first time Germany’s renewables sector has covered more than the entire electricity demand of the country, having first reached the milestone on New Year’s Day after strong winds and low demand, which also pushed prices down into negative.

The achievement comes amid weather forecasts for warm weather across central and eastern Europe next week, prompting expectations that Germany could be set to enjoy record levels of solar power generation.

As a result, output from PV panels in Germany could breach 28GWh on Monday May 7, beating a previous peak from last May of just under 28GWh, according to Bloomberg.


SOURCE: Business Green