How Remote Offices Can Help Companies Go Green

Turning your home into your workplace doesn’t just mean going easy with your dressing and flexible timings. But it has some REAL impacts on our eco-system and numerous benefits for the businesses. Working from the remote offices can help the environment by cutting commutes, reducing traffic load on roads, and reduced waste.

Going green is nowadays a subject undergoing intense study. In the past few years, the has population has badly affected mother nature. We all notice how our atmosphere is changing due to the irresponsible actions of humanity. That came a limit, and our earth told us that we need to stop polluting and take better care of our planet’s gifts. Just then, the COVID-19 stepped in. It immediately stopped everything, and here we are now, running our businesses from home!

But, going green is not only beneficial for the environment. Using virtual office to set up the business allows companies to save on their office spaces. Additionally, practicing a more eco-friendly approach can offer several commercial-based advantages, from bottom-line cost savings to an outstanding market advantage.
Consider these amazing benefits of working from home to going green for business, and see how efforts toward sustainability can help boost business.


It Cuts Down Added Expenses

New regulations are passed every year, and it raises the standards for businesses to be more justifiable in their processes. Practicing to make a “green” business will not only help improve your brand image and attract the ever-growing market of environmentally-minded consumers. When you and your teamwork from home, you cut down 50% of your expenses. Your business saves money from bills, parking lot charges, and other rents.
Other than that, working from home minimizes transportation costs, thus reducing the business expenses and saving the environment altogether.


Promotes Healthier & Safer Work Ethics

Working from home and staying safe is the top priority of the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertain times. We all care for our team members, and when they’re logged in from their places, they’re safe. Following your state’s laws, you can tell the government that your company is fully cooperative and spreading the message of social distancing. You can try establishing a rewards program for employees who share pictures of their home workplaces.


Conserves the Office Space

Every individual who is remotely working is one less person who needs to use an additional space resource when going to the office. The space you choose in your home, to work, will always be there, either you use it or not. But the space a business needs to accommodate its employees can be conserved when fewer employees are there. You can also temporarily shut down the office premises to save the area completely until the situation gets better. So, who’s winning? (Obviously, you! The business owner!)


Boosts Productivity
Let’s now discuss the memes and myths floating around related to the laziness of employees in WFH (work from home). They say remote workers are lazy pseudo-professionals without real jobs. Researches have shown that those employees are more productive than employees who work from a physical office. Allow your team to work from home, and help the global cause of going green! (in fact, secretly get the business advantage).
Increased efficiency among remote member is mainly due to the reduced workplace distractions and more freedom to work during hours they find most productive. Even tiny improvements in the efficiency of your team members can improve the overall productivity of business operations. It ultimately results in increased sales and more profits.


Strengthens Customer Loyalty

Other than acquiring new customers, the practice of remote working to go green can also strengthen your relationship with your existing customers. You highly attract the audience who are conscious of the benefits of going green. Adding this idea to your business’s mission is a great way to strengthen ties with new and current customers.
Health and eco-conscious buyers show extraordinary brand loyalty when they are informed that your business not only deals with the best quality products but is also committed to providing a healthy environment for them.


Improves Employee Retention

Work from home has facilitated employees like nothing else. Surprisingly, a report found that 42% of employees would take a salary cut to have more flexible work hours from their employers. Despite the high unemployment rate, employees are willing to sacrifice more than 10% of their salaries to achieve professional flexibility’ work from home’ provides.
Other than these employees, team members who can’t concentrate in noisy areas are relaxed enough to have their small one-room office in their comfort zone.


Spreads Brand Awareness
Everybody is concerned about the planet. So, the people interested in your products also expect that businesses should also care about preserving the environment. For this, adding a green campaign to your business can do wonders in building brand awareness. It makes your business unique and favorite! Businesses that support going green movements will have increased brand awareness and will be more popular in public.


Earns Eco-friendly Incentives and Refunds

Earn special discounts for your going green efforts. Some sources can help you save while going “green.” It includes federal tax credits for energy by different states, incentives from energy companies, and other environmental corporations. Research and find out the programs for your state and federal programs to see if your business qualifies them.


Remote offices are playing a vital part in going green, and going green is helping the planet and your business equally. These benefits are quite measurable and meaningful. From saved overhead costs to increased employee retention and positive environmental impacts, employers who embrace telework plans within their business models can enjoy the advantages of being part of the modern US workforce without sacrificing business performance.
It can help differentiate you from the competition, attract customers, retain employees, save overhead costs, and be productive. Let’s continue working from home and our efforts to go green to see the positive impact we can make.
Good Luck!



September 14, 2020