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Wood Home Constructions

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Wood Home Constructions

Wood homes are cosy, comfortable, warm, and sustainable at the same time. Investing in a wood home means investing in our environment, in future generations, and healthier living.

Rubner Haus builds customised wood homes true to a philosophy of eco-friendly building and living. Four different construction systems help create the perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Customers and architects can choose from different configuration levels for their construction project. All configurations allow for the design of a highly customised space of living built from elements of top quality specifically tested by Rubner.


  • Region: Europe
  • Country: Italy
Wood is eco-friendly – both during growth and during processing. A tree will grow in nature without any interference from human beings, nurtured by the energy from the sun and by the rain. This is a quality no other construction material has to offer.
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