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Operable Glass Wall
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Bring sunlight or a beautiful view into your commercial or residential space with a glass wall.

A glass wall is the aesthetically beautiful and functional space division solution.

Bring the outdoors inside with Hufcor's elegant and classic glass wall movable glass panels. A glass wall combines practicality with beauty, and creates a light and expansive ambience for your building.

When you've invested in a view or outdoor areas, you should be able to enjoy it indoors, in all weather.

A Glass Wall is Ideal for Buildings With:

  • A beautiful view
  • Swimming pool
  • Golf course
  • Garden views and landscaping

Benefits of a Glass Wall

  • Suitable for both classic and contemporary interiors
  • Divide space while maintaining an open atmosphere
  • Sound tested glass for effective sound control to 46Rw
  • Clear, etched or painted panels for your signature touch
  • Supplied from a single source for guaranteed quality
  • Factory or site glazed

Hufcor has installed glass wall systems in the world's finest:

  • Office Buildings
  • Churches and Religious Buildings
  • Stores - illuminating and showcasing products
  • Auto Dealerships and Showrooms
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Shopping Centres
  • Golf Courses
  • Swimming Pools
  • Private Residences