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Waste or Wood Recycling Machine

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Waste or Wood Recycling Machine

Agriculture waste like Dry leafs, Wood, Grass, Dry Flowers can be converted into Biomass pellets which can be used for multiple purposes. Biomass pellets have higher burning calorific value as compared to coal and will be a future source of renewable energy for generating electricity.


▪ In-built high RPM shredder, composting tank. humidity sensor and moisture generating system.

▪ Fully automatic (option to upgrade for remote access), low power consumption and compact in size

▪ SIEMENS sensor board operating on patented technology for automation

▪ Besides achieving 85-90% volume reduction, it also has NO odor, harmful gases or pathogens.

▪ Shredder, shaft, blades, composting tank and exterior panels made with high grade SS – 304 material to make sure of maximum life of the machine.

▪ Automatic overload function (machine comes to a halt in case of overload), with provision for indicators for power, heater, overload and power saving mode


▪ SHREDDING: The High RPM shredder is used for wood chipping and converting into saw dust by inputting materials of dry leaves, grass, dry flowers, twigs and wood logs from 10 to 50mm (upto 2 inches).

▪ MIXING (CHURNING) TANKS: Shredded Material is mixed and washed by maintaining perfect humidity and moisture content through automatic sensor based systems in the tanks.

▪ CONVEYORS: The mixed material is then passed through the Climate Controlled Conveyors to the pelleting unit for Biomass Pellets making.

▪ BIOMASS PELLETS MAKING: Final output is derived in the form of smokeless biofuel pellets, roughly the size of 6-10mm. These pellets have a high calorific value of 5.3 kWh/kg in comparison with wood which

have a 5-10 % lower calorific value.

Advantages of Biomass Pellets

1.Biomass Pellets provide the best ratio between price and quality, essentially giving more heat for a lower price.

2. They are used as smokeless Burning Fuel for furnace/boilers (replacement of Petroleum Coke), Cooking Fuel and Fire Place Heating.

3. Due to the low relative moisture content and a continued process of dosing the pellets into boilers and furnaces, the utilization rates exceed 90 %

4. Due to its high moisture retaining properties it can be used with organic compost as well.

5. Further machinery and equipment can generate electricity from Biomass Pellets after extracting methane from controlled combustion and filtration processes.

  • Region: Europe , Asia , MENA
  • Country: Belgium , United Kingdom , India , United Arab Emirates
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