Waste and Recycling eDiverter

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Waste and Recycling eDiverter
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Waste and Recycling eDiverter

Waste and Recycling eDiverter

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Energy Efficiency
• Take Back Scheme
• Promotes Recycling

Elephant’s Foot eDiverter and Chute system is utilised to enhance multi-unit residential buildings waste management. Each building level has a disposal chute door which is electronically connected to a LED control panel and communicates with the eDiverter in the waste room. The resident selects the waste or recycling function which activates the diverter at the base of the chute system, guiding waste or recycling into the appropriate collection bin located in the building’s waste room. The installation of the Elephants Foot eDiverter assists in the elimination, need and requirement of waste and recycling areas on each tenantable level or bin movement via lifts.

Thus it achieves energy, building floor and wall cost and area savings. The reduction of cleaning requirements also reduces labour costs, chemical and water use.

Overall, significant cost savings in ongoing waste management, building management personnel and maintenance is enabled.

The Elephants Foot eDiverter system can be combined with multiple bin carousel or linear systems and compaction units to further assist in managing waste room collections.

  • Type:Interior
  • Region: ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: Australia
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