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Ventive Home

Ventive Home is a connected, fully-integrated ventilation, heating and hot water system combining PVHR™ (passive ventilation with heat recovery) and exhaust-air heat pump technologies, designed for new dwellings.

Energy Use

Ventilation:0W (passive)

Heat Recovery & Heating: up to 900W

Hot Water: up to 2.4kW (including 1.5kW backup)

Night time cooling: 0W (passive)

Daytime cooling: 900W (active)

BREEAM credits:Up to 6 (Hea02, Ene01, Ene04)


Ventilation rate: 20-120 l/s (demand responsive)

Heat Recovery & Heating: up to 4kW at 35°c

Hot Water:up to 4.5kW at 70°c

Night time cooling: up to 4 Air Changes per Hour

Daytime cooling: up to 4kW at 15°c

Design & installation

From initial planning drawings to full installation design, we provide dedicated support for your project, complete with on-site commissioning. Contact us today with details of your project and we can provide thermal performance modelling, IES reports, and advice on how the right ventilation strategy can help your design goals. At Ventive we model, specify and manufacture each system to suit your specific project. All our systems are fully monitored following commissioning so we can remotely update the performance parameters of your building to suit changing requirements.

  • Region: Europe
  • Country: United Kingdom
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