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Vegan Bacon

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Vegan Bacon

After a year of waiting, it's finally here... and we're very proud of it. Our  vegan bacon, we love it so much that we wanted to share it with you. This top of the class, great winner of competitions across the Channel has not finished surprising you. With its gourmet crackling and mouth-watering smoky taste, it perfectly reproduces the good fat of bacon. All this, without a friend (the pig).


Rehydrated soy protein 81%, sunflower oil, salt, natural flavor, colorings: anthocyanin, lycopene, acidity regulator: potassium acetates.

90% European ingredients

Smoked with beech wood

100% concocted in France

Non-GMO soy (of course!)

Nitrite-free (obviously!)

GREEN on Yuka


It is difficult to make a fair fight on the ingredients because everything that comes into account in the manufacture of animal meat (cattle feed, antibiotics, etc.) must not yet be declared. On the other hand, on the nutritional values ​​of our vegetable meat, there we can heckle our snouts with this brand which begins with H but which-we-do-not-pronounce-the-name. 

Rich in protein

7 times less saturated fat

6 times more fiber

10% less salt

Zero Nitrite (yes yes)

Only 7 ingredients and 1000 times more love

  • Region: Europe
  • Country: France , United Kingdom
We tested more than 5,000 plant-based recipes for 3 years and it was the soy-based recipes that won, hands down. Soy also has plenty of nutritional benefits: it is rich in protein with all the essential amino acids. And, of course, our soy is non-GMO.
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