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Urban Greenery
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Urban Greenery

Elmich aims to deliver environmentally-safe, innovative, and cost-effective urban greenery and landscaping solutions to our customers worldwide. Every aspect of our business, from research and development, and product development to supply chain management is centrally coordinated ensuring the delivery of a well- engineered and tested product.

Our commitment towards sustainable green building drives us to constantly innovate and improve our products to deal with the ever-changing requirements of the industry. Elmich is conscious and proud of our unique role in co-creating a sustainable planet, and we help our customers achieve their eco-friendly goals in every phase of the building’s lifecycle – from designing and specifying the building to maintaining and enhancing it.

Our green label certified products contribute to green building certification, and using recycled plastics is just one of the ways to reduce our carbon footprint as we strive towards sustainable growth and modernisation.

VersiCell® is a lightweight, high strength modular drainage cell designed primarily for sub-surface drainage, and to form tanks for underground stormwater infiltration or storage. When installed between roof decks and pavers or ballast, VersiCell® drainage cells reduce sound transmission and increase heat insulation.

VersiTank® stormwater tanks provide an efficient at-source management system for rainwater harvesting and detention from roofs and other impermeable surfaces. VersiTank® modules are easily assembled on site by clipping together lightweight, high strength interlocking panels, and assembled units can be interlocked both vertically and horizontally thereby ensuring the system remains stable under trafficable or high weight bearing load areas.

VersiJack® is a heavy duty screwjack and adjustable pedestal designed for floor, deck, paver, beam and bearer support. VersiJack® can be used to create raised floors with paving and decking and allows unsightly services to be concealed within the cavity under the elevated platform allowing easy access when required.

TurfPave® XD is a lightweight, high strength interlocking plastic grass paver designed for the creation of grassed areas subject to pedestrian and occasional vehicular traffic. Its high load-bearing, porous structure allows rainwater to infiltrate into the ground while protecting grass roots against compaction and effectively supports loads imposed by large fire trucks.

VersiWeb® is a geosynthetic cellular confinement system that when filled with granular materials, creates a three dimensional erosion barrier and structural bridge that uniformly distributes weight-bearing loads, thus ensuring a sturdy slope protection structure. It enhances drainage, eliminates hydrostatic pressure and effectively controls erosion as the cells protect movement of the infill.

VersiWall® GP (VGP) is an easy-to-install and low maintenance modular vertical greening system with a choice of mounting, planting density and growth media options to suit different wall conditions. It offers architects and developers flexible and cost-effective solutions to create environmentally beneficial and aesthetically inspired vertical gardens.

VersiDrain® 30 is a lightweight interlocking modular green roof tray designed for versatility. It comprises a network of reservoirs that stores over 11 litres per square metre of rainwater for irrigating the plants, thus reducing watering requirements and costs, promoting plant growth in a sustainable manner.

TreeGrip™ is an underground root ball anchoring system designed to anchor newly planted trees, keeping them upright and supporting them against strong winds. It allows trees in tight urban environments to be properly supported during their initial establishment stage and does not affect or modify existing underground structures, utilities, or waterproofing membranes around the tree pit.

TrackGard® is a robust portable flooring for temporary access and ground protection. It provides a firm support base for large vehicles and equipment and is suitable for most rigorous large-scale events. TrackGard® can be installed and deployed quickly by unskilled labour workers as there are no clips or other moving parts and it is completely modular, interchangeable and expandable.

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  • Country: Singapore
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