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Inspire the inner gardener in you with the wood and glass decorative vases from our plastic free shop

Are you somebody who loves plants and is enthusiastic about gardening? Are you looking for a chic and innovative vase that would allow you to indulge in your love for gardening within the confines of your home? If all the aforementioned attributes refer to you, then you are at the correct place. The decorative vase made out of wood and glass would prove to be the perfect buy for you. It is perfect for hydroponics and bonsais, and you can use this elegant vase made out of zero plastic, as a decorative material to keep inside your house and make it look even more beautiful.

Our products are completely eco-friendly and have the style and elegance that one would desire from a high-quality product. You can choose from the many vase designs that we have. Choose our elegant wood and glass vase, which allows your plants to grow and thrive within the transparent vase in a suspended manner. These vases are the perfect choice of gift to give someone who has a knack for indoor gardening and would look amazing as a household or office decoration.


The glass vase comes in three different sizes that are perfect for the specific use that you might have in mind.

The standard package comes with the wooden stand and depending on the size you choose, the number of vases that come along with the item differs from three or two. The small-sized vase comes with 2 vases, the medium with 2 and the large one comes equipped with 3 transparent glass vases.

The Glass and Wood Flower Vases are very easy to clean and position on any desktop setting. It will definitely increase the appeal of your home décor.


Material: Glass and wood

Color: Transparent

Size: See pictures

Note: Plants are not included