Triton Acoustic Panels

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Triton Acoustic Panels

Triton Acoustic Panel, Triton Acoustic Panel with Aluminium, Triton Duo Composite Acoustic Panel, Triton Cloud, Triton Baffle Beam, Triton Fabwal

TOP 3 Benefits:
• Health & Ecotoxicity
• High Acoustic Properties
• Take Back Scheme

Asona Triton Acoustic Panels (Triton 15, 25, 40, 50, 75, 100) are ISO11654class A rated sound absorbers which provide efficient control of room reverberation times and background noise levels with minimal use of material. This means more sound absorption per/m² or kg of material used compared to other material types.

Triton panels are available in a wide range of standard and custom decorative finishes, shapes, sizes, colours, edge wrapped and framed options that meet almost every application suspended grid and panel ceilings, free hanging cloud and baffle panels, linear beam panels, direct fix ceiling and wall panels for general office, classrooms, gyms, swimming pools, auditoriums, studios etc. Triton panels are light weight so low risk in seismic prone areas, non-combustible, low VOC, easy to handle and install and due to their unique composite construction designed to be easy disassembled, renewed and reused in buildings to extend the product life.

Triton Duo 35 and Triton Duo 60 are 35mm or 60 mm thick ISO11654 class A composite acoustical ceiling panels designed to provide high sound absorption to control reverberation time with high mass to attenuate transmitted rain noise from metal roofs, noise from plenum mounted services or cross talk between offices.

More information:

Triton Sport is currently excluded from this certification. Level A is valid for product without fabric wrap, MDF Edge or Steel Edge. This certificate is only valid in New Zealand.

  • Type:Interior
  • Region: ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: New Zealand
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