TIVOK 7.2kW Heat Pump for Domestic Applications with Solar Option

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TIVOK 7.2kW Heat Pump With 420L Storage with Solar Option for Domestic and Commercial Applications An air source heat pump uses a reversed refrigeration cycle to absorb heat in the surrounding air and transfer this energy into water. The only form of energy needed to run a heat pump unit is electrical power to run the compressor and circulation pump unit. For every 1 kilowatt that goes into running the heat pump, up to 4 kilowatts of heating can be generated and transferred to the receiving medium (water). The key point about amazing heat pump efficiency is that unlike electric heating coils and gas heaters, a heat pump does not thermal energy but simply moves thermal energy from the surrounding air to a hot reservoir. Heat pumps have been proven to be the most efficient water heating technology available for the last 30 years with consistently 3-5 times the efficiency of conventional water heating technologies.