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PhD is the first of its kind in the world – a certification tool that recognises progressive manufacturers who fully disclose with 100 percent transparency the toxicity information of their product.

GreenTag’s PHD is a radical entry into the market but it is also very necessary because it addresses human health concerns directly – we have the first system globally to assess the health impacts of the final product – and not just the hazards of the ingredients.”

Ethically,  Global GreenTag did not want to sit on worrying statistics much longer from studies that make connections between toxic products and human health issues without doing something about it. This was a major impetus to design the Product Health Declaration™ or GreenTag PhD™ tool.

We were also aware that building rating schemes are moving fast as well to promote health as a critical focus on future projects, saysDavid Baggs, CEO and Technical Director of Global GreenTag.

Since the launch of the GreenTag PhD™in March 2017,  the LEED® program, which is now used in 162 countries, has already upgraded its criteria for materials transparency and optimisation and the GreenTag PhD™ is compliant with the new methodology.

Global GreenTag is also has WELL® recognised 'Equivalency' status outside the USA for core Features and is also aware that the Green Building Council of Australia Green Star® tool will be expanding into a stronger health focus in the future and the GreenTag PhD™ is ready to comply with these changes to Green Star®as well.

A Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration™ is available to manufacturers whose products are certified to Version 4.0 of the Global GreenTag Certification Standard.   Products that are certified under the Global GreenTag Certification Standard Version 3.2 will need to undergo an upgrade process to qualify for application.