Sustainable Textura Thermosaics 3D Tile Mosaic

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Textura Thermosaics is a 3D tile mosaic made from kiln dried and thermally modified sustainably harvested North American Fir. Available in several different patterns, the mesh backed tiles enable a seamless look bringing geometry to the next level.  Also available in a site-applied Class A (for FIRE) coating, the Textura THERMOSAICS can go anywhere.


Made of North American and sustainably harvested FIR

Mesh-backed for a simple and seamless installation

Kiln dried and thermally modified for added stability

Available in the natural color, but can easily be stained onsite to suit any colored décor

Product Documentation

Care and Maintenance

CSI Specification

Installation Instructions

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Installation Methods

Direct glue

Composition and Construction

Kiln dried and thermally modified North American Fir on a mesh backer

UV sealant finish

Fire Rating

Fire retardant can be applied on site