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Sustainability Consulting
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Sustainability Consulting

Collaborating with your team to create an overall sustainability strategy

The concept of sustainability continues gaining more attention and yet it can be open to different interpretations and applications. Businesses, organizations, and municipalities along with future leaders, changemakers, visionaries must consider sustainability holistically and strategically to effect change.

Sustainability is a way of doing business, planning and of executing, especially considering climate change, human rights, ethics, transparency, and liability. Businesses and civil society alike must heed the call to consider all stakeholders vis-à-vis a very connected world and bring about transformative change. The Circular Economy, Environment Social Governance (ESG) metrics, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among others are not only a new language but instead necessary components, frameworks, concepts for organizations to go beyond “business as usual”. CvCC can advise your company on how to engage the SDGs and make ESG the driving force of how you do business as so many other businesses are doing now.

In August 2019 the Business Roundtable, an association of U.S. chief executive officers representing various sectors, signed a statement whereby 181 CEOs committed to “lead their companies for the benefit of all stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders”. Seeking financial returns is no longer the only reason for a company to exist. The commitment to stakeholders must include a sustainability lens.

The term “black swan” which is attributed to an unforeseen, catastrophic event can leave unprepared companies floundering. With COVID-19 considered a black swan event, scenario planning with a resilience and sustainability lens is a necessity to minimize potential adverse effects and consider all stakeholders.

Environmental, Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change Policy and Practice Assistance

Companies vs. Climate Change Sustainability Consultants can assist organizations in a variety of environmental, energy, sustainability, and climate change related policy and practice areas to include:

Engage in policy research for entities that seek to advance or change environmental, energy, sustainability, climate resilience/adaptation initiatives.

Identify desirable changes in environmental, energy, sustainability, and climate resilience/adaptation policies. Assist entities in working to bring about those changes.

Identify policy-based obstacles to the rapid deployment of innovative, sustainable technologies and systems.

Assist entities with development and implementation of environmental, energy, sustainability, and climate resilience/adaptation policy and practice programs.

Assist in understanding environmental legislation, or interpretation of environmental regulation. Identify necessary means to comply with regulations/policy.

Understand volunteer policy and practice of each of the individual United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

Other Capabilities

Sustainability Communications, Marketing and PR

Sustainability Marketing Communications, PR and Storytelling

We can help you with your messaging and enable your company to convey it’s sustainability efforts to the business community and the world as a whole.

Sustainability training and


From webinars to multi session workshops, we can share our expertise with your employees and help them gain knowledge in Sustainability Strategies, ESG Investing, Waste Reduction & Water Quality/Conservation & Supply Chain. Contact us for more info.

Executive Search

Executive Search

With our vast network and decades in the industry, through retained search we can help you find the most qualified candidates to fill any sustainability related position at your company.

Data Management & Analysis

CvCC will help your company measure and strengthen your sustainability efforts. We can research the impacts of your renewable energy strategies. Our research will uncover the environmental, external, and financial effects of your sustainability strategies.


CvCC can take on extensive research projects where we study your company’s carbon footprint, emissions, facilities, waste and assist you with putting this information into action across a wide variety of projects in your sustainability strategy.


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