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EcoBuild Sun Control & Anti-Glare film allows natural light to enter through your windows but reduces the heat impact by 70% and cuts back on the glare by 77%. In a tropical country like India, where the summer is on a peak throughout the year, this anti-glare window tinting solution not only reduces your air-conditioning cost but also saves you from using artificial light during the day. The anti-glare feature of these sun control reflective films makes using televisions and computer screens into a comfortable experience as you do not have to worry about positioning them away from windows anymore.

It is an economical range of sun control films that does not compromise on safety and aesthetics. EcoBuild Sun Control & Anti-Glare films are available in various shades with varying levels of light transmission. Its wide range of anti-glare films are optimal for Residences, Corporate Offices, IT & BPO Companies, Banks & ATM Centres, Malls, Showrooms, Hotels, Food Industry, Hospitals, Airports, Pharma Industry among others.


EcoBuild Sun Control & Anti-Glare films come with a warranty of up to 10 years, making them the most durable sin control window film option in the market.


The heat rejection quotient of EcoBuild Sun Control & Anti-Glare film is very high because of its hi-tech performance properties. It is an Infrared Film that comes with an inner layering of NIR Blocking organometallic nano particles instead of using ordinary metalized films in the product design.


Most anti-glare window installations in the market use 1 ply or 1 mil films options that only reduce the quantity of sunlight entering the building but not the quality. Therefore, there is no effect on the harmful heat radiation entering your home through the window glass. In fact, these window films increase the electricity load of the building. EcoBuild Sun Control & Anti-Glare film only allows natural light to enter the glass and its high heat rejection characteristic gives greater comfort and savings to our clients.