Solid wood prefabricated houses

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Phone Number: +44-0800 133 7425
Email us: [email protected]
Company Address: 362 Upper Richmond Rd West Richmond, , SW14 7JT London

Solid wood prefabricated houses

Our mission is to bring tradition and nature back into the development industry in England and prove that sustainable, solid wood prefabricated houses, fitted with the latest Smart Home technology are not only good for you and your environment, but is the future of construction.

"Wood a durable and versatile building material"

If used correctly, wood is a superior building material. Much more durable and versatile than many would expect. Some of the most outstanding features of cross-laminated timber are, better fire safety than regular stick frames, concrete or brick - 3 to 5 times higher resistance to heat, and excellent sound-proofing thanks to multiple layers of wood, reaching Rw=63dB. Another feature is its natural breathability and airtightness, a result of woods natural quality to shrink and expand in response to temperature.


  • Type:Exterior
  • Region: Europe , North America
  • Country: Germany , United Kingdom , Canada
We use FSC timber.
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