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SolarCap Wireless Lighting

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SolarCap Wireless Lighting

About SolarCap Wireless Lighting

SolarCap wireless lights consist of modular, self-contained LED lighting device powered only by solar energy. Unlike many in the market, SolarCap uses the most efficient mono crystalline solar module to harness energy and stored in “EnergyCache” Ultra-capacitors. Comes with quick charge technology, it works in all weather conditions.

Completely wireless and waterproof, it is ideal for many outdoor applications such as landscaping, water features, patio, boardwalk, walkway, steps, parks, cycling tracks, complexes and many more.

SolarCap Road Marker series addresses transportation safety issues. Visible 800m away and enhances visibility in adverse weather conditions makes SolarCap an ideal solution to road safety.


Why SolarCap?

SolarCap lights do not use conventional Li-ion and Ni-mh batteries like most of the other options. Instead, they utilise “Ultra-capacitor” technology. This provides considerable increases in cycle life with a conventional Li-ion battery providing about 1 thousand use cycles and our Ultra-Capacitors providing over 100 thousand use cycles (One single charge and discharge is considered one cycle).

Requires only 3 hours of direct sunlight for a full charge, in turn, providing about 15-16 hours of light output. On a rainy or overcast day, about 8 hours is needed for a full charge.

No wiring required so no trenching required for installation and no risks of hard to fix, expensive short-circuits.

IP68 certified means that units can remain fully submerged in water and still operate fully.

Easy installation and maintenance free.

Many colour options as well as lighting modes (steady, slow flashing or fast flashing)

Comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

ZERO operation costs: Unlike conventional wired lights, our lights use solar energy.

  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Singapore
CorePlan International Pte Ltd was founded with the idea of making environmentally-friendly solutions available to the wider market
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