Solar Roof Tiles PV

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Solar Roof Tiles PV

Solar Roof Shingles

For those who want solar power without looking like they have solar power, solar shingles are an option. Designed to look like ordinary asphalt shingles, they also protect your roof, and are meant to be as durable and flexible as regular shingles. They’re also lightweight and easy to install. A few different types of solar shingles are available. You may also see them called building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

Thin-film solar shingles

These are the latest solar shingles. They use CIGS technology (copper indium gallium diselenide), which is laminated in thin films– hence the name– over the shingles. They match the flexibility of ordinary shingles. Thin-film cells are currently less efficient than traditional silicon technology, but they are also less expensive to make. A set of their solar shingles can be installed in about ten hours, which is about half the time that the first solar shingles required for installation.

Material: 12pcs monocrystalline silicon

Product Size: 410*940mm

Effective Size:350*900mm



Power under standard (Wp).- Pm : 30W

  • Type:Exterior
  • Region: Europe , Asia , North America , ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: United Kingdom , China , Hong Kong , United States , Australia
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