Solar Power

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Solar Power

Solar power will one day become the most sought after form of electricity generation technology in the world.  It only takes us a fraction of a second to receive all the light from the sun that could power a whole county for a year.

Most of this light goes uncaptured.  However if we look at how plants and nature absorbs this unique energy we can see that it is infact the ultimate unlimited resource. 

With the way solar technology is being advanced it will not be long before we start to power our houses, cars and our very way of life using solar power.  Infact some see it as the only answer to energy poverty.

Energy poverty was a term coined to reflect the degredation and lack of electrical power supply to the ones who need it.  We just have to look at the prices of electricity and gas to see how expensive these have become.

Coal and nuclear power generation may have long terms detrimental effects on us and the world.  A real solution is being found and will be available in the not so distant future.   

Indeed energy or power poverty will be a term long gone.

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Solar energy panels
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