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Solar Panels

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Phone Number: +94-114343222

Solar Panels

Free Consultation

Get a free solar consultation and find out how generating your own solar power can lower your energy costs.

System Design

Every solar system is unique, so we custom design a solar energy system specifically to meet your energy needs and savings goals.


Our experienced solar installers put the solar panels on your roof and make sure that you’re all set up.

System Activation

You’re producing clean solar energy for your premises. You’re saving money and the environment. Any extra energy is fed into the National Grid.

Real Time Monitoring

We use our exclusive real-time solar energy monitoring to track your home solar system and make sure it always runs perfectly.

Save Your Energy Bills

Sit back, save money, save the environment and enjoy the sunshine. We take care of your home solar system’s maintenance, repairs.

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  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Sri Lanka
Solar energy panels
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