Solar Netmetering

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Solar Netmetering

Build Your Energy Future Today

Solar Electricity has become the choice of new energy for many countries close to equator. In Sri Lanka, CEB and LECO have granted the opportunity to its consumers to Generate Solar electricity and to feed into the National Grid. This facility called net Metering allowed thousands of consumers to totally eliminate their electricity bill for few decades.

GENSO POWER TECHNOLOGIES as one of the leading company for wide range of solar power products has well established in the industry by catering hundreds of its consumers with a reputed and approved service by CEB and Sustainable Energy Authority.

Free Electricity For Life

We spend more than 20% of our monthly earnings on our daily energy requirements. This includes house electricity bills and fuel bills for travelling needs. Still, we tend to limit or abstain from using available appliances and technology, which improve the quality and comfort of our lives, due to high energy cost. We , Genso Power Technologies Pvt Ltd, deliver the most suitable and reliable solution to make your premises green and energy sustained, while saving thousands of Rupees in your pocket.

What Is Solar Net Metering ?

A System Introduced by the government to get the community involved in power generation as an alternative to costly fossil energy.

How It Operates

In Parallel with Grid supply (CEB/LECO), Solar power system will be setup in your house to generate electricity (units/kWh) equal to your average monthly consumption.

The Solar Inverter converts direct current (DC) into alternate current (AC) and regulates power flow between the grid and your house.

Energy produced during the day time will be first, used by house appliances and the excess fed in to the grid (Export).

In the absence of Solar Power (Night time/Rainy, Cloudy days) house run by grid energy (Import).

Smart meter installed by CEB/LECO to records monthly import-export difference (Net Reading) which amounts to monthly bill calculation.

Having net exports reduced your bill to a Rs.30/= Service charge only. Net imports will be credited to your billing account and carried forward.

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Solar Electricity energy saving
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