Soap Nuts-Complete Kit Set Starter Box

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Original Indian soap nuts.

The natural chemical free detergent for your washing machine.

This starter pack is perfect if you have never tried soap nuts before and wonder what they are!

We have included a full kit containing :

• 200g soap nuts

You use between 4-6 nuts every 2-3 washes (approx 15g) so you can see the saving already!

• 150g natural soda crystals

Optional but great for stains and whites. Simply add 1-2 tablespoons into your washing machine drum.

• 10ml parabens free oil - fresh cotton fragrance.

Again this is optional. Soap nuts leave washing clean smelling but not fragranced. If you prefer a more perfumed smell simply add a couple of drops of oil to your nut wash bag. The bottle has a dropper for easy use.