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Energy saving for central and chiller based Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems.

Smartcool products are clean technology products offering unique energy saving solutions. Ideal for commercial and industrial businesses such as supermarkets, data centers, telecom facilities, cold storage warehouses, commercial real estate, Smartcool systems reduce electricity consumption (kWh) and demand (KW) of air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration compressors.

Smartcool products can save an average of 15% kWh on any of the above mentioned systems, providing customers with a rapid payback averaging under 36 months.

By tailoring each installation of sophisticated energy reduction green technology, working with the latest building automation systems and computer controlled refrigeration systems, Smartcool Systems offers:

Direct electricity reduction and more efficient consumption for air conditioning and refrigeration plant of all sizes

Enhanced systems performance and greater flexibility to maintain savings
• Reduction of compressor runtime by up to 30%

Reduced running, maintenance and operational costs
• Reduced carbon footprint and managed environmental programs

Smartcool Systems can help you to achieve positive results and benefits enjoyed by their wide ranging client spectrum. By utilizing your existing technology, the Smartcool products will enhance and improve your current energy saving plan, making your money work harder and systems smarter.

Since Smartcool Systems technology works in conjunction with the primary controller, installing these retrofit solutions requires limited or zero system downtime and no equipment upgrades.

Moreover, the economic and environmental benefits of Smartcool are quantifiable, allowing them to qualify for financial incentives such as rebates from utilities and tax credits from the government of India.


All types of compressor can be interacted with, such as reciprocating, scroll, screw and centrifugal. Smartcool is applicable to two different systems:

Air conditioning


Functioning of Smartcool Systems

Smartcool units are microprocessor-controlled products that deal purely with compressor optimisation. No other part of the refrigeration process is altered. They are designed to be installed in series with and after any existing control system, and will not alter any existing control strategy. In fact, the commissioning process allows the products to work within any control strategy.

Additionally, the products are fail-safe and penalty free. This means they have the ability to totally disconnect and cease any interaction should the refrigeration process become out of tolerance for ANY reason, be it overloading, equipment malfunction, loss of power supply, planned and unplanned shutdowns, etc.

On starting, a chiller will produce a large refrigerant temperature drop for relatively few KwH. The compressor is efficient. As this temperature reaches its’ lower setpoint, more KwH are needed to achieve fewer degrees of temperature drop. The compressor, at this stage is inefficient.

Smartcool will allow a compressor to run in its’ more efficient zone of higher suction pressure for a period of time, (as designated by the microprocessor), without detriment to a cold room temperature, air temperature or chilled water temperature.

To achieve this, each Smartcool system obtains certain inputs from the machine to allow the software to produce a savings algorithm. This allows the units to change the saving algorithms they apply dynamically to account for heat load changes and periods of high/low load demand. This feature separates the units from any existing savings solutions, such as the use of floating head pressure.

The savings period will be adjusted to suit load conditions and the software can even “learn and predict” future savings timings. If, at any time, the Smartcool system senses that the refrigeration circuit may be going outside existing parameters, they will immediately disconnect and cease all savings. They will continue to monitor system operation and will only restart savings when they see the system has recovered.

Smartcool systems are wired into existing control circuitry, after any logic boards. This means they do not provide alternative control logic, and the actions of the units are exactly what any existing control system usually does. This means that they do not invalidate any warranties as far as compressor operation is concerned.

Both products allow the customer basic interaction. If maintenance is required on a compressor or circuit, the customer can place individual or all channels into BYPASS. This completely disconnects the selected channel, (s), from the control circuit, giving the customer confidence that no electrical interactions will interrupt the maintenance period.

Both products can be programmed to recognise defrost functions and hot gas bypass functions, and allow these processes to happen unhindered.

The units will store basic information such as run, bypass and save hours, which the customer can access to better understand savings.

Advantages and Salient Features

Attractive savings while maintaining temperature performance

Rapid return on investment

Retrofit product with minimal field wiring

Compatible with existing controls

Zero system downtime during installation and no maintenance costs

No risk to current equipment or contents

“Real time” sensing with dynamic compressor controls

Reduces compressor run time, hence enhancing the life of the compressor

Complies with compressor manufacturer’s specifications for cycling rates

Verifiable reduction in operating costs

Smartcool Systems have been installed at over 26,000 sites around the globe. They are currently reducing total measured electricity consumption by 221,000 mWh and greenhouse gas emissions by 260,000 tons worldwide!

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