Skeleton Frames

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Skeleton Frames

The AAC Skeleton-Frame™ is designed to enable the AAC PR™ plastic refillable carbon filters to be installed into air handling units (AHUs), and is particularly suited to smaller applications with low dwell times and volume flowrates between 0.1 m3 /s and 2.5m3/s. This robust carbon filter housing is suitable for use in a variety of applications where there is a requirement for high quality air filtration and odour control.

Typical Applications:

Airport Terminal Buildings

Museums and Galleries

Commercial Buildings Air Intake Systems

Indoor Air NOx (NO And NO2) Reduction And The AAC Skeleton-Frame™

The AAC Skeleton-Frame™ is suitable for use in indoor air quality projects where there is a requirement to reduce the levels of NOx (NO and NO2) from indoor air. In this type of application the AAC NITROSORB® filter media can be quickly and easily installed into an AAC Skeleton-Frame™ using a set of AAC PR Filters.

AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System

The AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System is a low cost, media indication filter cell which responds to changes in the condition of installed activated carbon by changing colour. This provides end users and maintenance personnel with an important visual indication of the condition of the activated carbon within their carbon filter system, and to when the media may require to be replaced.

Features and Benefits

Competitively Priced


Low maintenance

Suitable for use with the AAC Colourcell® Media Filter System

Fully constructed solution

Can be used with a wide range of activated carbon.

  • Type:Interior Exterior
  • Region: Europe
  • Country: United Kingdom
Low Initial Cost Plastic Refillable Filter System Low-Cost Bespoke Design and Supply Service Competitively Priced Media Replacement Service Comprehensive Media Disposal Service Available in a Range of Material Options Ability to withstand Air Temperatures of up to 120℃
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