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A new generation of clay tile has been developed with Romane XL, to make the beauty of clay tiles much more affordable, thanks to a large covering capacity of 9.5 pcs / m2 and an innovative design, optimized for easy and quick installation.

Until now, the usage of clay tiles has often been restricted to the most exclusive high end properties, due to their smaller coverage and higher installation time. With Romane XL, Terreal creates a New Generation of Clay Tiles, that will change the game and will foster widespread adoption of clay tiles.

With Romane XL, you can also enjoy all the advantages of clay tiles over alternative roofing materials :

  • Attractive and exclusive profile, with aesthetic shape and hidden interlocking system
  • Rich and unique colors, with permanent finish, that will not fade over time
  • A unique 10 years Product Warranty
  • Cooler Temperature, as clay acts as a highly effective thermal insulator
  • Quiet Roof, as clay tiles provide natural sound insulation under heavy rainfall
  • High-performance weatherproof design, with advanced Double Interlocking and Double Overlapping System
  • Technical Specifications  
    *Depending on location and wind speed  
    Dimension (mm) 306 x 493
    Weight (kg) 4.5
    Length Batten Gauge (mm) 415±5mm
    Effective Width (mm) 250
    Tiles per m² (pcs) 9.5
    Weight per m² (kg) 43
    Minimum Pitch* 20°