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Reusable Machine Washable Shopping Bags (Pack of 6)

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Reusable Machine Washable Shopping Bags (Pack of 6)

Lightweight yet Durable & Sturdy >>> What more could you want for reusable shopping bag?! Each foldable reusable grocery bags weighs only 0.08lbs however the fabric adds to the strength for holding up to 35lbs and durable use, so you can load each Reusable Grocery bags with 2 ~ 3 gallons of milk with ease.

Compact & Roomy >>> How mini it will be when tuck wallet-size reusable grocery bags foldable back into the 4.2" x 4.6" size attached pouch! But how amazing the foldable reusable grocery bags is, due to the 14" x 16" large capacity and available to pack a week's worth of groceries for a family of four in general into all these 6 roomy reusable foldable shopping bags when open the pouch.

Handy for Ready Use >>> ALWAYS forget reusing reusable grocery bags when you head into the stores? No problem. This reusable grocery bags foldable can be folded flat so it's easy to fit nicely in your car console or just toss in purse, coat pocket, then you will always have one cloth shopping totes or more reusable shopping bags with you whether you decide to stop by a store on whim or have an unplanned shopping trip.

Washable & Reusable Grocery Bag >>> The grocery shopping bags is easy to clean and you can just throw cloth grocery bags with handles in the washer, and fabric shopping totes are air dried quick less than 3hrs for next shopping. So rest assured to pack various groceries, fresh produce or frozen food into the cloth shopping bags

Option to Save the World & Nice Gift >>> Whether its generous size, strongly built or reusing to drastically eliminate the amount of plastics, you can't deny the cloth reusable bags is far eco-friendly to the bags your local grocer sells. Besides, this reusable cute gift bags would be a great choice as a gift to your family and friends for the 6 colorful looks.


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