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Reusable Glass Bottle with Tea Infuser Filter

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Reusable Glass Bottle with Tea Infuser Filter

Make your own tea on the go with this eco-friendly glass tea bottle with infuser and filter, available at our plastic free shop

Tea is something that is cherished by many adults and it also has many therapeutic benefits attached to it. However, making tea on the go is something that is not possible and can prove to be a problem, especially if you are someone who has to travel a lot. You cannot compromise on your love for good tea owing to the fact that you are hardly at home. With the help of our eco-friendly tea glass bottle with infuser and filter, you can now make delicious tea or fruit infused water on the go and enjoy a warm drink while in your office or the road.

Making tea while traveling can prove to be a hassle, and most of the tea bottles available in the market are made out of plastic, thereby making them unsafe for the environment to use.

The food-grade glass and bamboo cover, along with a stainless steel filter and infuser in our eco-friendly tea glass bottle makes it one of the most unique items available in our plastic free store.

The glass bottle helps keep your tea warm and insulated, while the infuser and filter can be filled with tea leaves and fruits the warm water that passes through it creates delicious tea, that you can enjoy on the go.

The many certifications that have been provided to this unique item make it one of the best and safest products that we have to offer.

Very easy to use, all you need to do is store the tea leaves in the stainless steel filter/infuser and then pass warm water through it. The filter keeps the tea leaves from mixing with the water and creates delicious liquor tea as the water passes through. You can keep the bottle slanted and allow the tea leaves to infuse with the water inside and increase the strength of your tea. Easy to clean and store away, this glass bottle tea infuser with a filter would prove to be the perfect companion for you in your traveling days.



Drinkware: Glass Water Bottles

Material: Glass and Bamboo Lid

Certification: FDA,EEC,LFGB, CQI, CE/EU,SGS

Content: 350ml, 450ml

Features: High-quality glass, good sealing, no water leakage


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