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Red Russian Kale

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Red Russian Kale

Naturally Farmed, Ethically Sourced

This kale variety is easily recognizable with its purple-tinted leaves and burgundy stems. The leaves offer a slightly earthy flavor with a hint of sweetness!

Nutritious Facts Of Red Russian Kale

Contains 260% of the daily value for Vitamin A per serving (85 grams).

Supports immune function, cell growth, night vision and overall eye health.

Contains phytonutrients Lutein and Zeaxanthin.

This supports eye health.

Lutein also has potential heart benefits by preventing plaque formation in the arteries.

High in Vitamin C. Helps support the immune system.


  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Malaysia , Sri Lanka
Naturally Farmed, Ethically Sourced, No Pesticides
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