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Many of ACTenviro’s highly trained employees have both expertise and experience in finding the most environmentally-sound outlets for recycling spent materials. Furthermore, we utilize our national transportation system to prioritize efficiency when moving them, thereby reducing vehicle emissions.


Here are a few examples of how by-products can be recycled:

Spent materials from the semiconductor industry make perfect raw ingredients for the painting industry

Items with high energy content can be directed to cement kilns for use as a supplemental fuel source in their production processes

Similarly, high-energy non-hazardous materials can be converted into energy at waste-to-energy plants

ACTenviro’s recycling experts can uncover unrecognized synergies between generators of waste materials and consumers who turn these materials into new products. We provide extensive recycling options for the following:



High-BTU solids and liquids

Aqueous solutions


Universal waste (fluorescent tubes, mercury, etc.)

Electronic waste (“e-waste”)

Light ballasts

“Exit” signs

Precious metal-bearing waste

Used oil and oily water

Cardboard, paper, plastics, etc.