Process Facility Design

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Process Facility Design
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Process Facility Design

Although process facilities are diverse in their application and sector with unique complexities our design approach is rigorous. The following sections showcase our extensive experience in process facility design such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, data centres, complex automated systems, and infrastructure utilities. The Laboratory Facility Design section specifically addresses some of the key challenges associated with Laboratory and Research Facility design.

Process Facility Design

A process facility will have sophisticated needs, often with additional complexities. Perhaps manufacturing must begin as soon as possible? Or maybe there's a need to optimise capital spend to limit upfront investment and risk – for example by phasing designs? Safeguarding existing operations may also introduce complexity, as will the need to meet health, safety and high security demands.

Laboratory Facility Design

In a rapidly developing sector, lab designs cannot stand still. Upgrade strategies must be designed in through a cost-effective, agile process. So that whether a lab is used by one scientist over its life, or many, it can adapt to new processes and equipment with minimal disruption and cost.

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