Plug & Play biogas plants for institutions.

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Plug & Play biogas plants for institutions.
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Plug & Play biogas plants for institutions.

There are regular waste disposal problems in almost all Institutions like hostels, hospitals, convents, old age-homes, etc where more peoples are staying together. In the same time the cooking fuel consumption of these Institutions is also very high. Fairly large quantities of firewood and other cooking fuels are consumed for routine cooking purposes. Vivesty green is keen to educate these institutions about the advantage of using non-conventional energy sources. The biogas generated will sufficiently reduce the regular consumption of other cooking fuels like firewood and LPG. Our green gas plants can handle 75 Kg/day to 2 ton /day.


  1. Fully Pre-Fabricated, Trailer mounted, handy and mechanized ready-to-use Plant
  2. No need to manually handle/carry the Waste to the Plant location, instead feeding of Waste can be done directly from the Kitchen itself.
  3. No dedicated ‘Man Power’ required for feeding the Waste.
  4. For reliable long-term operation, plant equipped with advanced Data monitoring System (DMS) which readily provides the date such as quantity of moves to the Kitchen/Outflow point through a pipe from the Digester.
  5. DMS also provides continuous information on PH-Value, Temperature, Gas generation etc.
  6. Supply, Installation and commissioning of the plant take only around 10 to 15 weeks from the date of Purchase Order.
  7. Manufactured in Fiber Reinforced Plastic (including Flanges & Connectors) per ANSI standards.
  8. Epoxy coated from inside for 550 microns for non-corrosion and durability.
  9. Plant has the potential to reduce Greenhouse Gas (Eg. Carbon Dioxide) Emissions considerably.
  10. Higher Methane content in Biogas.
  11. No ‘Foul Odour’ from the Digester/Grinder/Gas
  12. Gas output 5-7Kgs from 100 Kg Food Waste/Degradable Waste.
  13. Biogas can be supplied through Pipe Line at the same pressure as LPG.
  14. Advanced Design & Construction; Performance guarantees offered.

  • Type:Exterior
  • Region: Asia
  • Country: India
Our technology extracts methane from organic waste such as diary manure, municipal waste, domestic waste and more. Combining energy production with waste management,
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