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Plastic Recycling Machine

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Plastic Recycling Machine

All flexible plastic waste can be converted into reusable plastic products such as highly durable plastic chips which can be used for making pot hole free roads.


▪ Sorting: It is necessary that every plastic item is separated according to its make and type so that it can be processed accordingly in the shredding machine.

▪ Washing Once the sorting has been done, the plastic waste needs to be washed properly to remove impurities such as labels and adhesives. This enhances the quality of the finished product.

▪ Shredding After washing, the plastic waste is loaded into different conveyer belts that run the waste through the different shredders. These shredders tear up the plastic into small pellets, preparing them for recycling into other products.

▪ Identification and Classification of Plastic After shredding, a proper testing of the plastic pellets is conducted in order to ascertain their quality and class.

▪ Extruding This involves melting the shredded plastic so that it can be extruded into pellets, which are then used for making different types of plastic product

  • Region: Europe , Asia , MENA
  • Country: Belgium , United Kingdom , India , United Arab Emirates
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