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Company location: Switzerland



Seal height up to22 mm

Acoustic insulation up to 48 dB in case of 

an optimal sealing

Protected silicone lips since deeper embedded

The door can be adapted on the bottom without removal

Unilateral and soundless release, silent seal

Due to parallel drop-down no trailing on the floor

Automatic compensation at inclined floors

One groove width for Planet HS and RH (uneven floors)

For double-wing folding doors with flush bolt or 

driving bar

High-grade silicone lip, simple lift height adjustment

Can be shortened up to the next shorter length 

on stock

No extra need to cut off silicone at both ends

7 years warranty


Planet HS RD 48 dB, smoke-shielding

Planet HS FH+RD 48 dB, 

fire-retardant + smoke-shielding

Option sliding door 48 dB

Silicone lip extended by 8 mm

Anti-bacterial silicone lip is optional

Possibility of silicone-free (TPE) execution

Option Double-shortening refer to chapter 

Accessories | TR125

Special versions on request


Including assembly set Planet HS