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Indoor air pollution can be higher than outside. In many rooms, we may breathe in fine toxic dust, harmful gases,

allergenic spores, pollen, and infectious aerosols from viruses & bacteria. Substances like these can have adverse outcomes over time.


AiroDoctor is the Solution

Minimize airborne viruses and bacteria among employees by keeping the air clean and healthy. Raise productivity by providing a sense of comfort for

employees working indoors. AiroDoctor's intended use is related to SARS-CoV-2 and has been scientifically proven effective against representative viruses (HCoV-OC43 and Bacteriophage MS-2).


✔ High-performance 4-stage purification system

✔ >99% destruction of viruses and bacteria

✔ Eco-friendly UVA LED photocatalyst technology

✔ No ozone nor any secondary byproducts


Cutting-edge technology

With the unique UVA LED photocatalytic air purification system, AiroDoctor is able to cover a broad spectrum of harmful pollutant particles such as germs, odors, and gases.

Due to the density of the filtration system, AiroDoctor captures not only pollutant particles but also the airflow, allowing the air to stay in the device for longer. This increases the amount of time the air is in the device to ensure a more effective elimination and destruction of harmful substances.

The photocatalytic filter is not only coated but also consists of 250 grams of solid titanium dioxide (TiO2). It is the only filter of its kind and due to its spherical design, its large surface area maximizes contact for viruses and bacteria to be destroyed in conjunction with the high-performance UVA LEDs.