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Company location: Australia


Palomino Chair

TOP 3 Benefits:

• Health & Ecotoxicity

• Designed for Disassembly

• Take Back Scheme

Schiavello’s Palomino chair is manufactured in Australia from plywood shell, metal frame and moulded foam cushion. Palomino chair is characterised by its long sculpted lines flowing from the back into the arms.

Shiavello’s range of products meet the requirement of GreenTagCert™ standard and operates a “Product Stewardship Program” to take back chairs at the end of service life for refurbishment or recycling.

The chairs are easily disassembled into component parts and are recyclable at the end of the product life. All components of product are either reusable or recyclable.


More information:

Fabric is excluded from the scope of the certificate. Certified as white furniture. The product will meet Level A if used with a GreenTag or recognized third party certified fabric and work surface.