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Operable Louvres C Series

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Operable Louvres C Series

Embracing the benefits of natural airflow, Airocle’s range of operable louvres provide an effective and environmentally friendly solution for your building ventilation requirements

With the versatility of either manual or automated louvre operation, you can control the entry of fresh air into the building to regulate temperature and ensure a regular change of air, necessary for a healthy environment.

Where Operable Louvre Ventilation Is Best Suited

  • Industrial  structures such as factories and warehouses where the need for temperature control is a priority
  • Community buildings such as halls and schools which need maximum air freshness but the protection of the operable device for both security and weather
  • Commercial buildings such as shopping centres or office blocks
  • Apartment blocks which, at times are exposed to harsh weather conditions

Benefits of Operable Louvres

  • Security: By using the highest quality of products, Airocle prioritises security while allowing maximum ventilation for all your facilities. Our range of protective mesh options will protect your structure from large insects, birds and other vermin. Spark Arrestor mesh (in accordance with AS3959-2009) is also available, for areas prone to bushfires. Airocle’s Operable Louvres are manufactured to the highest standards, giving you peace of mind, whatever your scenario.
  • Versatile: Having the ability to open and close your louvres, you can control airflow, sunlight and the entry of weather depending on your climatic desires.
  • Optimal Airflow: Our devices can be opened to a maximum of 83% allowing optimal airflow throughout your structure
  • Weather protection is a priority when it comes to our louvres with our products scientifically tested to exceed your expectations
  • Technologically researched and leading the way in terms of sustainability, our diverse and adaptable range will be custom fit to your structure

  • Region: ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: Australia
Airocle’s range of operable louvres provide an effective and environmentally friendly solution
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