OneCup for Coffee Shops

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OneCup for Coffee Shops

Are you a coffee shop who wants to get rid of single-use cups?

We'd love to hear from you! In order for OneCup to work we need a few places willing to use OneCup in their area. Register your interest and when we have enough collaborating shops we will get in touch for set up!

Get rid of single-use cups

Show that you are part of the solution

Get real data on your impact 

Easy to run thanks to the app and Return Points

Get visibility with the in-app café locator

Get people in your shop with the Return Point


How OneCup works

Picking Up a OneCup

Customers locate a OneCup café with the app. There, they scan a code at the till and show a confirmation screen to the barista.

Enjoying a OneCup

The barista sees the confirmation and serves them in a OneCup. The customer leaves and enjoy their drink.

Returning a OneCup

When finished, customers locate the closest Return Point in the app. They scan a code to confirm return and drop the cup.


We ensure cups' return through a deposit system managed through the app.

Washing is managed by the participating cafés with dish washers.

  • Region: Europe
  • Country: United Kingdom
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