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Oil Water Separator

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Oil Water Separator

Oil water separator equipment can effectively prevent dirt blockage and oil condensation.

Oil water separator equipment can effectively prevent dirt blockage and oil condensation. It is mainly used in public canteens, restaurants, kitchens, and washing and drainage systems; Drainage system for meat and food processing; Sewage system containing a small amount of gasoline, kerosene, diesel, and other industrial oils.

The catering wastewater is pretreated at the first level through the basket grid or sundry separator of the oil separation and lifting equipment, which is used to remove large particle sundries such as bones, shells, and vegetable leaves; Fine dregs such as rice grains and minced meat are deposited in the conical bucket for secondary treatment.

Oil water separator can efficiently aid in the removal of gasoline, diesel fuel, crude, vegetable, and almost any type of oil that is lighter than water. The effluent from oil water separator is typically discharged to either a sanitary sewer system or a storm sewer.  Properly designed, installed, and operated, oily water separators provide a treatment system for handling oily wastewater that prevents the entry of unacceptable levels of contamination to a storm sewer or sanitary sewer system.


Oil-Water Separator Machine has the Following Characteristics:

A solid-liquid separation device is set inside to intercept solid slag.

The solid slag bucket and oil collecting bucket are placed inside the equipment without affecting the appearance.

Special overflow diversion pipes can change the flow channel, slow down the flow rate, stabilize the water body and improve the oil separation efficiency.

The oil diversion and oil separation device makes the oil droplets float up to the oil temporary storage area along with the oil diversion device, and the water flows down along the oil diversion device to improve the oil-water separation efficiency, reduce the hydraulic retention time, greatly reduce the equipment volume and reduce the equipment floor area.

Special oil temporary storage area is set to make the oil accumulate in high density and improve the oil content. When the oil slick reaches a certain amount, the oil slick can be discharged into the oil collection barrel.

Siphon drainage is adopted for deep drainage. The oil content of the discharged sewage is very low. During drainage, the water flow is stable and does not affect the diversion effect of the oil-water separation bin.

Stainless steel fully sealed structure, no odor, and corrosion resistance. The ventilation bridge through the whole equipment is set to discharge the dirty air inside the equipment.

The accurate temperature control probe and heating device cooperate with the electric control system to heat the oil-water separation bin at a constant temperature to prevent oil stain hardening at low temperature and further improve the oil-water separation efficiency at normal temperature. The final oil removal rate of our products is as high as 95%, the market conventional equipment can only reach about 60%, and the old oil separator is only 45%. The treatment effect of our equipment is more than twice that of the old oil separator.

There is a sedimentation tank, in which small sundries and sediment are deposited and discharged regularly.


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