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Off Grid - Standalone

Genso Solar Off-Grid / Standalone Solutions

Off grid solutions are known to be highly reliable, effective means of delivering power without the standard costs associated with generator power and electric utilities. These solutions are fundamental even in those areas where the grid supply is not available. Furthermore, it eliminates technical difficulties arising in getting grid connections. Genso Power Solutions employs experts to implement customized off grid PV systems specifications for every individual.

This PV system will utilize the latest, most competent off grid integration techniques to provide continuous power for all home appliances. Off grid systems can be designed in several ways. A comprehensive consultation is vital to determine what is suitable for the home.

Hybrid System

The hybrid power plant is a complete electrical power supply system that can be easily configured to meet a broad range of remote power needs. There are three basic elements to the system - the power source, the battery, and the power management center.

Solar PV system used as the source for hybrid power . The battery allows autonomous operation by compensating for the difference between power production and use. The power management center regulates power production from the source, controls power use by classifying loads, and protects the battery from service extremes.

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