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Natural Bamboo Air Purifier & Freshener

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Company Address: Sitio Pulo Digdig, Barangay Joson, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija

Natural Bamboo Air Purifier & Freshener

PURIFIED AIR: Purify the air in the home bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, comfort room, closet and shoe rack

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: 100% All-natural home, office, fitness gym, air freshener, purifier, odor and mold remover, car purifier and deodorizer, sports bag and pet house odor eliminator.

REMOVES ODOR, EXCESS MOISTURE: Superior absorption of odors, harmful substances and excess moisture to prevent bacterial and mold growth.

NO TOXINS or CHEMICALS: 100% naturally activated, chemical-free and environment friendly bamboo charcoal with no added toxic substances, fragrance or other pollutants. Safe for you and your pets.

RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE FRESHNESS: Renew Bamboo Carbon Air Purifier’s absorbing potency back to its initial anti-odor strength by placing it for an hour under direct sunlight to rejuvenate and can be used for 2 years.

Hang or place in your preferred area.

  • Region: Asia , Europe , North America , MENA
  • Country: Philippines , United Kingdom , Korea, South , Singapore , Hong Kong , Canada , United States , United Arab Emirates
Eco-friendly, bamboo air purifier.
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