Msulwa Reusable Facial Rounds

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Msulwa Reusable Facial Rounds

Our reusable facial rounds are made from blends of Bamboo Cotton, Organic Cotton and Hemp Cotton. They are the perfect alternative to replacing disposable cotton wool pads! Our fabrics are sustainable, biodegradable and plastic free. Even our label tags are printed on paper embedded with flower seeds, so you can bury them in your garden after unpacking! 

What’s wrong with disposable cotton wool pads?

Regular disposable cotton wool pads use 10 000 litres of water per Kg and use the highest amount of pesticides while growing, polluting fresh water and the cotton itself. Once used, they are disposed into landfills, rivers and oceans.

Moving away from these single use items saves money, is more sustainable and this reusable alternative is the more eco-friendly choice.

Our packaging is also 100% recyclable and plastic free!

  • Region: Africa
  • Country: South Africa
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