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Mini straw

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Mini straw


Each  GLP foxtail straw  is selected from healthy, well-grown grasses in  natural areas , free from fertilizers or pesticides, undergoing  meticulous manual production.  from craftsman hands to create the best and safest GLP straws  . In particular, the straw is  sterilized by UV rays  and completely does not use chemicals in the production and storage process, ensuring safety for the health of users.

With the motto,  safety - quality is first, Green Long Phat ensures to always bring to customers the  best and safest products.

Benefits of using the Weasel-Tail Pipe:

Can be  reused  many times

Save  costs

Reduce  lack  of waste  plastic

Persistent , environment friendly

Safe  for health

  • Region: Europe , Asia , MENA
  • Country: Cyprus , United Arab Emirates , Japan
Made of grass
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