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Microfiber Mop

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Microfiber Mop

Exclusive Aquamatic line products are unique, stylish, easy to use cleaning tools.­ Attachments to clean surfaces used in the AQUAmatic line are made of ultra-thin dissected microfiber produced according to the latest textile technology:­­ each thread is cut longitudinally into eight regular sections forming microscopic slits along the entire length of the thread.­­ Due to this feature, a capillary effect is formed:  under the influence of the surface tension force, water with contaminants and dust comes off the surface and draws into the fabric structure­­­ Microfiber products are also resistant to microbes, removing them from the surface and containing them in micropores.­

A set of microfiber attachments for the universal Aquamatic mop will ensure environment friendly cleaning without using the household chemicals and will build the safe and comfortable environment for children, pregnant women and people with skin hypersensitivity, allergies or asthma.­

Using these attachments, the ultra-modern high-tech Aquamatic mop allows easy cleaning of the room floor, removing dirt from the ceiling and walls at the least efforts made; it will make the cleaning easier, faster, better and will save you time and money!­



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