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As electricity becomes more decentralised, operators can now harness utility-grade technology at an affordable scale and price to operate sophisticated local grid environments. MicroEM™ provides utility-grade software capabilities for managing high voltage network facilities, typically with onsite generation and grid connections. MicroEM™ automatically optimises energy use by choosing the most efficient, cost effective energy solution from the resources available, for example – solar, grid, battery storage or embedded generation. Microgrids are transforming the way that hospitals, shopping centres, ports, industrial parks and residential precincts procure, generate and regulate their energy needs. INTRODUCING THE MicroEM™ GreenSync’s MicroEM™ is a holistic technology solution for planning and managing the complex operations of a microgrid. As trends in electricity generation shift towards smaller, decentralised and resilient microgrids, there is a growing need for utility grade technology at an affordable scale and price.We’ve taken the key capabilities from the Distribution Management Systems (DMS) used by energy utilities – metering, SCADA, geospatial information, outage management, load shedding, and asset health – and packaged it with our leading dispatch optimisation technology. MicroEM™ allows active management of electricity generation and consumption. With real time visibility of your entire network, the system gives you control to schedule electricity generation and enact demand response at peak times when the grid is congested. This unique capability can be partly or fully co-managed through our regional Energy Operations Centres, removing cost and risk for the network owner / operators. THE WHAT AND WHY OF MICROGRIDS A microgrid is an electricity network either independent from or connected to the main electricity grid. Microgrids typically comprise a collection of distributed energy sources such as embedded generation, renewable technologies and battery storage. The value proposition of microgrids is compelling: Energy Security: Localised generation and consumption of electricity for critical loads; Reliability: Power quality control at the local level and around the clock; Economics: Better savings through peak load shifting, hedging against cost fluctuations and more prudent use of assets; Sustainability: Renewable technologies with cleaner fuel resources facilitate a cleaner footprint. As microgrids become more resilient they will become less dependent on the grid and use more locally generated energy, resulting in an optimisation of energy assets and costs. MicroEM™ SERVICES SUMMARY MicroEM™ comprises a suite of services for micro-network and microgrid operators designed to optimise energy usage and inform infrastructure investments in numerous scenarios.

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  • Region: Asia , ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: Singapore , Australia
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