Methane stripping

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Company location: United Kingdom


We design and manufacture methane stripping solutions to treat landfill leachate.

Methane stripping can be achieved in either a horizontal, multi-modular arrangement or in a vertical stripping tower.

  • Vertical methane systems 
    Ideal where the requirement is to minimise the equipment footprint.
  • Horizontal multiple-vessel systems
    Most suitable for situations in which equipment capital cost considerations are more important than landspace costs.


Our methane stripping solutions enable landfill sites to meet sewage discharge consents. It is possible to achieve over 99% methane removal with relatively simple-to-operate systems.

In addition, methane stripping solutions minimise the risk of explosion as a result of methane build-up from low level release within confined spaces.

All our equipment is designed to meet your specific site requirements.

We can also upgrade monitoring and control systems with SCADA and on-line data management.


Key features

  • Vertical or horizonal design to meet your requirements.
  • Enables landfill site to meet sewage discharge consent.
  • Reduced risk of onsite methane explosion.
  • Achieves over 99% methane removal.
  • Optional upgrade to SCADA and on-line data management.
  • Designed to meet specific site requirements.
  • Real-time data monitoring of dissolved methane.

For more information about our methane stripping solutions, or to discuss your specific requirements, please call us on +44 (0) 2476 474 877 or contact us now.