I-Beam (ECO) Desking System (9IB)

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I-Beam (ECO) Desking System (9IB)
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I-Beam (ECO) Desking System (9IB)

Buildings architectural lines are now held and prop-up by steel reinforced bars and beams. Our design team has been inspired by such design flow and similarly so aptly named as “I-Beam” the new addition to Artmatrix aluminum leg structures. As its name implies, “I-Beam” cross-sectional profile is adapted to our new leg.

It resonates the robust strong thick lines of steel structures evident in factories and warehouses today. “I-Beam” hold-up our communication flow with the current Generation-Y whose platform of growth has been vastly influence by the X-boxes and Playstations. They themselves are familiar with such rustic steel formations and such emotions are now profoundly evident when I-beams were used to float the work pieces.

  • Type:Interior
  • Region: ANZ and Oceania
  • Country: Australia , New Zealand
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