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We remove CO2 from the air by integrating a technology called “direct air capture” in buildings. Then the HVAC system starts to capture CO2 directly from the air, reducing the atmospheric concentration of CO2 by using renewable energy. Captured CO2 gets converted to carbonates, and then stored inside concretes and then in buildings, where it stays permanently stored and can no longer contribute to climate change.

From the HVAC system, incoming air is pushed through our filters containing sorbents, and carbon dioxide is adsorbed by them. When the filter is saturated, the machine is closed and regenerated via vacuum & heating to collect the CO2. The captured CO2 is stored in a separate storage container and then can be supplied for making concrete

Amine functionalized sorbent is used by Soletair Power within its carbon capture systems utilizing a temperature vacuum swing adsorption process.

We use our own proprietary-made amine-functionalized solid sorbent. Minimizing the energy required for carbon capture and sorbent regeneration has been the primary goal behind much of our carbon capture research.

Our Approach

Direct air capture of carbon dioxide is often associated with large filter machines piled one on top of another and moving large volumes of air. Large contact points are required due to the small concentration of carbon dioxide in the air and because of the large daily production targets of these plants. As air is pushed into the filter, carbon dioxide and moisture are trapped or adsorbed. When the filter is saturated with these compounds the machine is closed and regenerated via vacuum and heating to collect the CO2 and water. Moisture is condensed leaving pure CO2 for compression.

Soletair Power delivers solutions for capturing CO2 in air supplied to building ventilation. The adsorption and regeneration principle is used in our system to capture carbon dioxide but the dimension is compact. The captured CO2 is stored in a separate storage container.

Soletair Power’s ventilation-integrated CO2 capture system is designed to work within established design requirements. The system is aimed to meet the ventilation speed typically in m3 sec-1 and the customers preferred indoor CO2 level measured as parts per million or ppm.