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Hummingbird Clear Bent Glass Straws Set

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Hummingbird Clear Bent Glass Straws Set

Did you know that Americans use an estimated 500 million disposable straws every single day? That’s the equivalent over 125 school busses FILLED with straws! These plastic straws in your iced coffee or at the restaurant clog up our landfills and may even seep toxins into our bodies. Choosing a reusable straw and saying “No” when offered a disposable straw will help!

Why we love Hummingbird BPA Free Glass Straws:

Our most popular style, the classic clear glass straw adds easy elegance to your refreshment. Perfectly angled for a delightful sip, your durable, BPA-free glass straw goes with you all day from spin class to happy hour. Free cleaning brush and gift box included.

  • Region: North America
  • Country: United States
Certified Non-Toxic 100% Plastic-Free
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